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qiagen column recycling - cleaning column of qiaamp viral rna mini kit (Jul/15/2005 )

We are using qiaamp viral rna mini kit (qiagen) to extract viral rna from serum. We would like to use again column, do you know protocol to clean column after first utilization to use it again with different sample. Thank you to help me.


We used to reuse column from DNA mini kit (Qiagen) in the lab. we simply boiled them in water with bleach (I think like 15min) and then washed them several times with water. worked just fine.


i want to advice you that bleach can damage the properties of the column regarding specific binding of virus. You should do a parallel experiment with a column recycled and one new, and analyze differences of yied and purity of your extract.
I don't re use columns except if it's for extraction of the same plasmid. For this purpose, i usually reverse the column and wash it with water 5 times.
after that, i use 2washes of ethanol and let it dry for 24h at least.


Similar to what fred said, i would not reuse a column unless you are isolating the same RNA over and over. It is not a good idea or practice unless yo can prove to yourself that the column is clean and that there is conistency in your procedure.


Instead of using the columns, we have recently been pretty succesfull in doing isopropanol precipitating the lysis solution. We have to do more testing on this, but first results seem promising!