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transfection of differentiated Caco-2 cells - (Jul/15/2005 )

Hello all,

I'm not having any luck with transfection of differentiated Caco-2 cells cultured for over 10 days.
Could you tell me which liposome-based reagent is good?
Thank you.


I have been recently performing transfection on caco cells (this week). The same as you I needed to transfect a gene in differentiated caco, but the differentiated caco dont grow so their low metabolism doesnt allow to express the transfected gene. One solution could be to perform a stable transfection on growing caco and then culture them to get the differentiated and transfected caco.
However I have seen that with 3ug of lipofectamine (invitrogen) and 4 ug of plasmid you can get a transient transfectants 2 days after transfection.