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Question about different units - grams, moles, mls... - (Jul/12/2005 )

Hi Guys,

Big help needed in here.. I know that I should know this, but I'm totally lost and I'm working on this for almost a whole day.. And I'm even more lost now than I was in the beginning..
The BIG question is... I have an old protocol that I need to follow, not any problems, except for that one tiny thing! Like always!
Very well, I need to make a solution and one of the substances in there is (and this is the info that I have) Glycerol (per liter) 150 g (1.26 g/ml), final conc 15 % w/v
And here comes the clue, the only thing we have is glycerin (and that's the same, I know that) but that's is liquid!.. And the only thing that I have is grams!.. Please.. help?? sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif


Glycerol/glycerin has a density of 1.25 gm/mL. Because it is so viscous, measuring by weight is more accurate than measuring by volume.

15 % (w/v) is equal to 150 gm/Liter = 12% (v/v).
(150 gm/L)/(1.25 gm/mL) = 120 mL of glycerol/L.




Wow, finally I understand.. thank you sooooo much.. I was really lost up there and now somebody gave me a very clear answer.. I'm so gratefull!
Thanks for taking the time !!!
You have made my day!!

Did I already thank you??