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DNA crosslinking - (May/08/2002 )

Greetings,  Has anyone out there ever used a microwave oven to crosslink DNA to nylon membranes?  I heard of the idea while in graduate school, but never tried it. I am now in an institution that doesn't have an oven nor a reliable uv source and I was just curious if that method might work until I get the right equipment.  If so, about how long do you have to cook the membranes?


I nuke my membrane (posivitely charged) for 2 minutes on high power. I just place the membrane between 2 pieces of blotting paper and if you leave it too long the membrane becomes brittle or it get burnt.  Alternatively, you could just cross-link on the UV box for 3 minutes.


Wha do not you use alkali blotting onto N plus membrane? In this case, no need for any crosslinking.


I can't use alkali blotting because I'm doing colony lifts.  Thanks though :)