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primer storage - (Jun/30/2005 )

Which buffer should we store the primers?


MilliQ water (sterile) or TE will do fine. TE can inhibit downstream applications such as PCR though.



i store them in sterile miliQ water


I store in sterile water. However, some people say that you should store stock concentrations in TE and working dilution in water. When you dilute to working stocks in water the Tris and EDTA is diluted out to a point where it shouldn't interfere with downstream applications. Mind you I use water and haven't had a problem.



At what temperature should i store the primers. What is the concentration and pH of TE buffer?



after resuspension of primers, i store half at -80° and the rest at -20°.
TE buffer : tris HCL 10mM ph 8/ 1mM EDTA


I've used primers that have been stored in milliQ @ -20°C for about ten years without any problem.


I am using sterile water for 7 years already. The primerm are still as good as new.