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DNA contamination in RNA extracted with RNeasy kit - (Jun/30/2005 )

Hi All,

Sometimes I have sever DNA contamination in RNA isolated using RNeasy kit. I follows the protocol exactly. I use 350 ul RTL buffer for cells in each well of 6-well plate. Anyone has the same problem?


I recently saw a poster on a conference dealing with this problem. That guy made the same experience. I've never used but I am going to extract RNA soon and right now I really consider not to use the RNeasy kit.



If you are concerned about DNA contamination, may I suggest DNase treating your RNA? I use Fermentas DNase I (EN0521) and get good results. Good luck.



I used the RNeasy kit from Qiagen, and got DNA contamination. I then added a DNAse treatment during the extraction step; I used the specific DNAse recommended by Qiagen to be used in conjunction with the kit and still got DNA contamination.

I had very little material, and not very active cells, maybe that was part of the problem.

Anyhow, that was my experience with this kit.
Good luck.