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why tanscription and translation coupled...... - (Jun/30/2005 )

Dear Friends ...
someone can explain why transcription and translation coupled within prokaryotics?and why not in eukaryotes?



transcription occurs where the DNA is, translation is done by ribosomes in the cytoplasma. prokaryotes unlike eukaryotes have no karyon, meaning nucleus. Therfore procaryotic genomic DNA is located in the cytoplasma. when procayotc DNA is transcrbed, ribosomes attatch to the mRNA in nascendi so there are RNAs not completely transcribed but at the same time already started to be translated. so transcription and translation are coupled. in eukaryotes, the transscription id done in the nucleus, when the RNA is finished, it's processed (splicing, polyA etc. ) and transported to the cytoplasma where it's transcribed. so in eukayotes transcription and translation are not coupled. ok?



Dear mike..
Thanku...for ur nice i understat the concept about coupled transcription and translation process...but i saw after posted my doubt one review form Molecular Microbiology by Gowrishankar J, Harinarayanan R.

In this review they explain different angle ...plz vist the site...

thankyou my friend