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Does CHAPS interfere with GST purification?? - (Jun/29/2005 )

Hi guys,

I've solubilized an unknown receptor using CHAPS as the main resuspension/storage buffer. Now I have the receptor's ligand (which is a recombinant GST fusion protein) immobilised onto agarose-GSH. My question is this: when I run my solubilized receptor through the column, will the CHAPS interfere with the affinity between the agarose-GSH and my recombinant ligand fusion protein?

Thanks ph34r.gif


Don't worry... i think i found the answer but still feel free to post your comments.

this is my source btw:

"Interactions between Phage-Shock proteins in E. Coli"
Hendrik Adams, Wieke Teerstra, Jeroen Demmers, Rolf Boesten and Jan Tommassen
18 November 2002

Check out page 1176 in Materials and Methods under the title 'GST-PspA and GST-PspB pull-down assays'.

Dr Washo ph34r.gif