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Gel extraxction question - (Jun/27/2005 )

I made lots of gel extraction using QIAquik kit, and i never had problems.


last time i found something strange in my extract... it seems gel!!!

how is it possibile?


I have used these same kits and found them to be quite reliable. Perhaps you got a bum column with a crack or hole in the frit allowing the agarose to flow thru?



i followed the protocol, but this time something didn't work....

i had 2 tubes, and in both i found gel sad.gif

(2 different spin columns, sterile conditions etc etc)


in both i found gel

By gel, do you mean actual gel, or white powdery stuff that looks like agarose?


I mean white powdery stuff that looks like agarose...


I am sticking to my story of column material that is flowing thru an imperfection in the column frit.

Spin the eluate 5 min 14k xg and take the supernate. Discard the pellet of white stuff. Check your plasmid on a gel.. if all looks good then go.


imperfection? in 2 different colums?

I worked out repeating the extraction following the protocol again.