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Isolation of HIV + DNA - (Jun/24/2005 )

Hi People ,
I was wondering if somebody could tell me what would be the best way to isolate DNA from HIV postive blood so that I get maximum possible viral integrated DNA. I am presently using Ficoll Hypate and then utilizing a manual DNA extraction protocal. Any help would be much appreciated. smile.gif


Get no less than 1million PBMC (usually a single tube of whole blood is enough) through Ficoll and use QIAGEN's Blood DNA mini kit.

Good luck!


yeah i did that already but one of the problems i am facing is a shortage of ficoll as well as sample quantity (2-3 ml). so is their a way of isolating pbmcs without ficoll.

Thanks for the suggestion "thegradstudent"

p.s. Manual method of dna extraction though longer gave me a better od reading and yeild.