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DNA extraction - when there are a lot contaminants (Aug/07/2002 )

I have a trouble in DNA extraction from rumen content.
There are surely DNA in my 'crude' extract but no restriction enzyme is working for cloning. Guess it's because of high conc. of protein or polysaccharide.. but.. phenol/chloroform extraction or using CTAB(1%) in extraction bfr haven't removed these contaminants.. Do you have any advice for me?

-Jiae Yun-

this may or may not be the answer your looking for but..... if you can get your hands on a qiaprep dna extraction kit this is the way to go its much faster than a phenol cloroform extraction and gives me excellent dna concentrations when using 75% of the elution buffer protocol. this dna will be very clean and very usable for any application.