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Antibody Substitutes - (Jun/16/2005 )

Hi folks,
I am compiling a comprehensive list of antibody substitutes espcially with regard to
1) their effectivity as a tool to study protiens/pathways etc?
2) their cost of product compared to simple antibodies and more complex valued added ones
3) Current usage of Ab substitutes in academic/biotech/pharma circles
4) Other advantages or disadvatages they may over antibodies
Most of my searches came up with substitutes called aptamers however there doesnt seem to be much literature on them post 2000-2001

Any help would be appreciated



Hi there!

If you go to the PubMed and use thier search with "aptamers" and 2002-2005, you'll get >300 papers with >50 reviews....

example (just the first 21):

1: Borghouts C, Kunz C, Groner B.
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PMID: 15952909 [PubMed - in process]

2: Marro ML, Daniels DA, McNamee A, Andrew DP, Chapman TD, Jiang MS, Wu Z,
Smith JL, Patel KK, Gearing KL.
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IFN-gamma-Inducible CXCL10 Chemokine.
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3: Moshfeghi AA, Puliafito CA.
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6: Stadtherr K, Wolf H, Lindner P.
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19: [No authors listed]
[Methods of experimental validation of potential target proteins for creation
of new drugs]
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20: Famulok M.
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