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siRNA purity - (Jun/14/2005 )


The siRNA providers sell siRNA with standard purity or HPLC purified.
As the prices are really different, I wonder if there is a real difference in their efficiency?

thank you


I have only used desalted siRNAs for all of my in vitro transfections. The results are pretty consistent. If siRNAs are to be used in animals, certainly higher purify is needed.


people have used purified siRNAs for in vivo in particular. Usually HPLC rather than PAGE.

For in vitro work, there is no need for HPLC or PAGE. Save your money for other stuff.

-Cali Girl-

I am new to RNAi and haven't started anything yet as I am still in the reading and learning phase. I saw your post and wanted to know why mammalian cells in particular require HPLC. Is it because mammalian cells are more sensitive? Is it true what is stated on some company websites that purified synthetic siRNA increases efficiency?


From what I know, most siRNA users just choose desalted.
Their experiments are successful too.

Are you going to go for in vivo or in vitro?
If go for in vivo, a higher stability siRNA is needed.
Some commerical companies provide different types of RNAi oligos with higher stability.

If you would just like to have in vitro study, I believe "desalted" would be fine enough.