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Rolling circle replicating plasmid and transformation - Gene cloning (Jun/13/2005 )

I tried to clone a gene into a plasmid which is apparently a rolling circle replicating plasmid(RCR).I was working on this cloning project for the past 1 month but with no success.I came to know later from a microbiology guy that RCR plasmids are not compatible with DH5 alpha(which i was using for my cloning) and instead he suggested another E.coli strain MC1061(he doesn't know the reason for this )Does anyone know as to why DH5 alpha is not compatible with RCR plasmids.

Any info is greatly appreciated



Not sure, but I think it has something to do with conjugation of the bacteria.
ie. Rolling replication plasmid replicate in conjugation competent bacteria.
Normal plasmids replicate in bacteria that self replicate.


Thanks for the information.I am not sure of this too since i am not much of a bacteriologist.

Any further ideas