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Alternative to phenol-chloroform purification of DNA - Genomic DNA purification (Jun/10/2005 )

Dear All,

I was wondering if someone could recommend an alternative method to phenol-chloroform purification of genomic DNA.

I need to get genomic DNA as pure as possble and I tried using phenol-chloroform. It produced very pure DNA but however any phenol or chloroform that get carried through degrade the dyes in subsequent labelling reactions.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Many thanks,


I have found the chargeswitch product by invitrogen superb in both yield and quality.


I have done the phenol-chloroform method and using a commercial kit from Qiagen.
The Qiagen kit is definitely better.
good luck


Yah, quiagen kits kick ass when it comes to purifying dna.


Dear GlodenEye,

Can you tell me what organism that you dealling with?
I have several protocols (not for plant extraction) which might help in you project.

Best regards