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aggregates in SDS-PAGE? - double mw of proteins in SDS-page (Jun/07/2005 )

Hi everybody, this is a consult:

Have you ever seen proteins running as dimers in a SDS-PAGE?
I know about seeing a higher or lower mw, due to modifications, etc, but not exact double size.

Any experience will be very helpful.

Thanks a lot.



Yes you can if your protein is normaly availble as a dimer form where the Merkaptoethanol and DTT does not completely reduce it, so you would see the monomer and dimer forms on the SDS-PAGE gel. However to verify this further, you need to use an increased conentration of ME and DTT (i.e. 1 mM, 2, 4 , 8, 12 etc...) you should see a gradual increase in the monmer form band and decrease or disappearnce of the dimer form. Good Luck! biggrin.gif


Thank you!

I'll try it.