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Restriction site search - (Jun/06/2005 )

I know there are free websites where it's possible to load your DNA sequence and it looks for any present restriction enzyme site for you. But as usually when in an urgent need, I can't come across any one - could you provide me some links, please?
Thank you.


just download pDRAW. Free software. Then you enter your squence (File / New / Enter new sequence in fasta mode) and you'll get all restrictions sites


Hi Paja,

I like the NEB site: it is quick and simple to use I keep it bookmarked on my computer.




also,search for webcutter. version 2 is good.


Thank you all guys!


if you know your sequence and are really stuck paste it into a word doc and simply use the 'goto' function and type in the restriction enzymes, laborius i know but it is a solution. If it is a short sequence you could eyeball it if you are looking for a particular site.


It is REALLY worth your while to use some of the all-in-one molecular biology analysis tools out there. Here are two of them:

Good luck!



I use webcutter 2.0:

or you can download FastPCR:

good luck