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DNA concentration - How to increase the DNA concentration (May/22/2002 )

Does somebody know how to increase DNA concentration from a too weakly concentrated DNA sample obtained with a Qiagen Extraction Kit (the elution buffer was ddH2O) ??


You should precipitate your DNA in 0.1V 3M NaOAc pH5.2 + 3V EtOH place -20C 30 min spin 15kxg wash pellet in 70% EtOH then resuspend in 10mM tris pH7.5 with a smaller volume than you started.


Elute with elution buffer warmed at 50C


easy evaperate in 72oC
that is ok


I didn't think of this before. The protocol specifically calls for elution in EB buffer (10 mM Tris pH 7.5). Check the pH of your ddH2O. Usually it's pretty acidic and this will lead to low DNA concentrations upon elution.