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While precipitating the nucleotide acid - (Jun/02/2005 )

Dear everyone.

While precipitating the nucleotide acid, we usually use 3M NaAc and twice enthnol. Why we use the NaAc or NH4Ac or MgCl2 for precipitate the nuleotide acid. and If use these things,what is the concentration and pH should I use? Would someone give me some suggestion? Thanks a lot!

Good Luck.




3 M NaOAc, 10 M NH4OAc are the common concentrations used for DNA pptn, you don't need to alter the pH. NH4OAc is used at higher concentration, but is easier to remove from the DNA, whereas 3M NaOAc is harder to remove.



i use NaAcetate 3M pH 5.5 and works very good. But i'll gonna test what bob1 says due to the fact adjusting pH is boring


Thank you two on the higher floor! smile.gif
I usually use the 3M NaAc pH4.8 to pptn. Also your posts give me much help. Thanks a lot. And I will try your suggestion also.
Good Luck.