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CD14+ blood monocytes isolation - (Jun/02/2005 )

Hallo everyone, I am looking for some fast, cheap and easy protocol for CD14+ monocytes isolation from peripheral blood. Does anybody have an experience? Thank you in advance. Paja



There are some methods. You can isolate them by adherence to plastic (2 h to overnight incubation of PBMC @ 37 degrees, 5% CO2) or through magnetic labeling using CD14 beads (e.g. Miltenyi Biotec).

Good luck!



as thegradstudent says, isolate them by adherence to plastic. 2 hours is largely enough. For example, I incubate 150.10*6 PBMC in a 6 well plate during 2 hours at 37° , you can do with several medium (RMPI,X-vivo,..)



Thanks a lot!