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How would you identify and clone quinine transporters for P. - (May/31/2005 )

Quinine is the recommended drug in the treatment of
severe and complicated malaria.We
want to investigate the mechanism underpinning quinine resistance, to
obtain information about crucial biochemical and physiological pathways of
the malarial parasite, which, in turn, may provide new opportunities
for intervention. As i am new to this field and i want to take advantage from yur knowledge can any body expain me the strategy to How could i identify and clone quinine transporters for P.
falciparum. Hope To learn from you with best regards from samad


the best thing to do is speak to an experienced researcher in malaria - from what i recall, little is known about quinine uptake, so a literature search to see if there are any known transporters would probably help a lot too. and then contact any of the main researchers in the field.

check out genedb for all the plasmodium genome databases to find genes (although they are so at rich, you'll have difficulty doing a blast search on them with a known transporter sequence from another organism!) - one may have been identified as responsible for quinine trans.

p.s. do you actually mean quinine, or chloroquine? because i thought quinine resistance wasn't such a big problem, it's just a toxic drug? chloroquine rest is a huge problem, and i'm sure someone has looked into it!!

good luck.