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Resuspend probe in real time pcr - (May/29/2005 )

The protocol just says this: " Resuspend probe in TE 0.01 pH 8.0" . It does not specify the unit of TE buffer. At what unit do you dissolve your probe in?


Dear freind,

I used to use 0.01mM of TE bufer to dislove my probe as wellas primer. Infact yuo can disolve in ddH2O, some of my freind use 0.1 X PCR buffer.
Frankly speeking it make no difference.

Aliquote your probe in samll portion and avoid from repeate thowing is more important in prolong your probe life spned. The next thing is, prevent your probe from expose to light as light will bleached your probe. So keep them in brown tube.