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Concentrating protein in cerebrospinal fluid for Western - (May/27/2005 )

how to concentrate the cerebrospinal fluid for the estimation of protein on SDS-PAGE, cellulose acetate electrophoresis? sad.gif
can it be concentrated using polyetheleneglycol? huh.gif


Oy yoy yoy, this is a toughie.

What is your volume of CSF? If it is less than 1ml can you TCA ppt it? That sorta depends on your downstream application. If it is for straight up SDS page and coomasie stain, than I say yes.

If it is for Western Blots, then maybe and maybe not. TCA is tough on proteins.. especially if you do the acetone wash afterwards..

If your volume is large perhaps you can concentrate in a cone or stirred cells... or any centrifugal concentrator.

To be honest, I have never PEG ppt any proteins so I cant say about that.