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Proposal for strategy to determine 2 protein interactions? - suggest sugges! (May/26/2005 )

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basically u can raise mouse mono or polyclonal antibodies against both or one of the proteins A and B.
u can purify anitbodies and charecterize them.
at the end u can even find out the interactions between protein A and B if they are biologically interacts with each other.

what do u say?


QUOTE (DrkPeace @ May 27 2005, 04:54 AM)
any good ideas how can i suggest with items below?

Complementary DNA of Protein A and B
Two mice
A histadine-tag plasmid and a gst tag plasmid
E.Coli bacteria for producing recombinant proteins
Ni-NTA beads and glutathione beads
Anti-immunoglobulin beads
Reagents/materials for SDS PAGE and western blotting
A surface plasmon resonance machine

-donot lie for ever-

This sounds like a homework, especially the part about two mice. Maybe you should post in the proper subforum (although I suppose that maybe redundant now). Tell us what you think about the problem first and then we could help you out (This is redundant now, too, I think, but just for future).

Reading back, maybe our answers are not the ones expected for the homework question, you know (supposingly this is homework). The answers up there, although quite appropriate for a practical problem of lab working people, are mostly not really quite what I thought the teachers may like for you to answer.


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