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HEPA filter - and PCR contamination (May/26/2005 )

Hi Collegues!!

Do you think that HEPA filters could help control PCR contamination?

WHat is the smallest particle that can it trap?

Do you think that 200 bp DNA could be trapped?


Dear freind,
What sort of contaimination are you facing?

HEPA filter helps trapping partical as small as virus from release into enviroment. For me I will use it for my DNA/RNA extration. For PCR I use a PCR workstation, not HEPA filtered but if UV first before you use, that is clean enough.

All you need is a physically seperate place or chamber to carry out you pre-PCR (extraction), PCR and post-PCR (run gel). Then it will minimised your chances you contamination.

Did you use filtered tip in preparing your PCR???