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RNA quantitation from a veryminute quantity of starting material - (Aug/08/2001 )

How about quantitative RT-PCR?



We are trying to quantitate some RNA samples, however, the traditional method of UV spectrophotometry cannot be used because we have a very small quantity of RNA. Someone recommended using cybergreen,but we don't have access to a fluorometer. I am hoping someone out there knows of an alternativemethod for RNA quantitation from a very small volume of RNA. Please send a reply to Thanks, Laki


This is a follow up to my query about RNA quantitation from a small amount of starting material. This is to clarify that I want to measure the concentration of the RNA, so it can be used for PCR. Basically, I am looking for an alternative to UV spectrophotometry since there isn't enough of sample to take an absorbance reading. If anyone knows of an alternative method for measuring concentration of RNA, please email this forum orsend me a message at

Thanks, Lakshmi