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Conversion from Daltons to grams - (May/23/2005 )


I am trying to convert molecular weight from Daltons into grams to calculate molarity.

I have 50ug of a protein of molecular weight 5.4kDa.
The conversion factor that I have found on the internet is: 1.66x10e-24, which I assume means 1Da = 1.66x10e-24g.

Therefore, 1mol = 5400 x 1.66x10e-24 = 8.964x10e-21g,
and 50ug/8.964x10e-21 = 5.578x10e15mol.

Is this correct? Is there an easier way of calculating this?! Please help!!

Many thanks, Delia


Hi Delia,

Is this what you wanted:


you will find here what'you're looking for and many others conversion tools.