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oligo annealing - how many oligos for annealing (May/17/2005 )

hi, everyone, i am going to anneal 138mer oligos. i found one protocal from this form: 2µg of each oligo;Buffer STE (10x) :
heat your oligos 5' at 95° and let the temperature slowely decrease to room temp.

th equestion is:
1, my oligo is 138mer, is that ok from annealing? (too long?)
2, do we need 2 microgram to do annealing? it seems too much DNA?

thank you very much.


Hi friend,

What is your purpose of annealing oligos? cloning? For my cloning work, I dilute my oligo to 1 ug/u in TE, then use 2 ul of each oligo for annealing.