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Detection of microRNA - (May/14/2005 )

biggrin.gif Can I detect microRNA with DIG-labelled northern blot? Is there any other methods that can detect microRNA without radio-labelled manipulation? Thank you very much!!!!!


There is no much special in microRNA northern in terms of detection. Certainly you can use non-radioactive method. What is special for miRNA northern is at the RNA extraction step in which special attention is paid to enrich the small class of RNA that is mostly lost with regular isolation methods.


Thank you very much for your answer!!!!
Another question,which methods do you think is best to enrich the small class of RNA? In our lab,we use Trizol(invritrogen) to isolate RNA.
Thank you again.


Hi Hill,

There are many miRNA isolation kits available such as from Ambion and Qiagen. But I don't know how they work.


Thank you paulina biggrin.gif
Our lab have one microRNA isolate kit from ambion.But I just want to detect the expression of microRNA, do not need to isolate them.So who can tell me which method I can use to isolate total RNA without loss of small class RNA?


I think Trizol is better way to extract siRNA with high concentration.