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can i store gel cut for dialysis - (May/13/2005 )

PLease can some1 tell me quikly if i can store the cut agarose gel for electroelution with dna o/n in 4C or -20. bcouse i need to go home now.. its urgent. its 23:00 here. plz help quickly. thanx unsure.gif


ok guyz am keeping it in 4C till morning. i thought forum would help in @least critical times!! huh.gif


In my experience, DNA becomes locked into an agarose gel after one hour of storage. I always process the sample immediately.



I am guessing it is a bit late now but I quite often cut bands out of agarose gels and leave them at -20 overnight and then gel extract the next day and I have never had a problem.......I do however use the Qiagen gel extraction kit as opposed to electroelution to purify my DNA.

Hope your DNA was OK!