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Help for purification - (Apr/21/2005 )


I 'am extracting protein from soil and I success (i think) but I have some problem with the purification of the extract. In fact my extract is brown and i want to purify it for my analysis in SDS Page. Have you some idea that can help me??



I do not think the brown colour of the extract will interfere with SDS-PAGE. in case the problem persists then it can be decolourised by passing thorough high exclusion gel filtration chromatography. Sephadex G 25 would be the matrix of choice.


Thank's for your answer. In fact I think that the brown colour is due to the humic acid and I search to eliminate them because I think it ould be interfered with the SDS. No...


i guess TCA/acetone is a good and easy way to eliminate most of the contaminants from proteins. i got this pigment problem before with my protein,but the pigment was removed by precipitating the protein. white protein pellet was obtained.