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protein quantification- triton - (Apr/19/2005 )

Hi!! Im actually working with sperm protein extraction that has at the end 2% TX-100. The problem is that when I want to quantify for blots is impossible to have clear results. I have already used several commercial kits. sad.gif
Does somebody has some idea how can I quantify?
or some other way that i can compare them in my blots in a semiquantitative way? (housekeeping genes? )

Thanks a lot


Hi carolina,

I remember having a similar problem some time ago. I ended getting a detergent compatible protein assay kit from BioRad. I think it was just called something like BioRad DC protein assay kit.

Hope this helps




you can use the Micro BCA kit from Pierce which has a compatible concentration for Triton X-100 of 5% as you can see in page 7 of the attached PDF file.

good luck


Like Scott had mentioned, Biorad's DC Kit can cope with detergents (DC=detergent compatible). Worked for me!