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How can I distinguish exons fromgenomic DNA library??? - (Nov/26/2001 )

I got a partial cDNA sequence by cDNA library screening and 5'race... Because I can not get any more cDNA sequence by 5'race, I am gonna do genomic DNA library sequence.. but the problem is the way to find exon regions from genomic DNA fragment...

Someone help me.. ps) I need cDNA library longer than 1.4kb and I can't buy commercail cDNA library because of being out of money.So cDNA library screening is not possible.


What kind of library? bacterial..cosmid....YAC? and the exons ur looking u know the sequences...or is there sequence published? I was thinking that maybe u could end label a primer and screen it or make pCR primers specific for the exons in question and go that me at  can figure it out