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capped mRNA - (Apr/17/2005 )

It says that all eukaryotic mRNAs have the cap structure.
Are there any methods to test whether my mRNA is capped?

Thanks a lot!


I doubt it cause the cap is the main stucture involved in mRNA stability, so an uncapped mRNA should be hard to detect


i agree with marvilla.
For two reasons. First capping is a procedure done after 40base elongation of the new RNA. but i assume polymerisation and capping are relatively two independent rna-synthesis-steps.
Second, after polydadenylation of the RNA, proteins that bind the pôly a signal (poly A binding proteins)are related also with cap. And i remember that the PABP interaction is quite reduced with poly a signal if rna is not capped. And this PABP interaction is essential for rna stability