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Now i have statistical problems - (Apr/17/2005 )

I have the problem in that i don't know which test i should use for my experiment. My experiment is that i have 50 tumours of GH releasing pituitary gland which i compare the expression profiles with 5 normal pituitary glands. After i have confirmed the fold increase or decrease of for example 3 interesting genes by RT-qPCR then what statistical test should i use to confirm these results? Note, i have not subgroup the different tumours yet all i have now is the expression profiles of 50 tumours of 3 interesting genes. What to do next to confirm these 3 genes expression profiles in these tumours by statistic?

Thanks very much for any suggestions!


i believe you should perform a t-test so that you can get a confidence level (or p-value) when comparing your 2 data sets. but I'm no stat whiz. smile.gif