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Clean & Concentrate DNA without Kit - (Apr/15/2005 )

I usually do DNA preps by digesting and then precipitating in 100% EtOH. A co-worker did it for the first time without me, and he used 70% EtOH instead. The DNA did not precipitate out and instead we're left with a cloudy liquid.

Now there are tubes of digested tail supernatant (0.5ml) and 1ml of 70% EtOH. We could use the Zymo Research "DNA Clean & Concentrator" kit, but what else could I do?

Leave tubes open and let evaporate? I've already tryed adding it to a LOT of 100% EtOH, but it still did not precipitate out.



You could try placing them on ice or in a -80 freezer for 10 min to 1 hour, then centrifuging in a regrigerated centrifuge for 5-10 min...the cold should help the DNA precipitate.