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Does siRNA transfection dependents on cell type - (Apr/12/2005 )


do you know if the ability of a sequence to knock-down a protein is dependent on cell-type?

Thank you


The sequence's ability to knock down is equal in all cell types of the same species, BUT the transfection are very much dependent on cell type, so the delivery of the siRNA is often the hard problem.
Different sequences have very different abilities to knock down, so you have to choose carefully.
You can test your siRNAs efficiecy in a easy to transfect cell type and if it is OK then test different transfection methods in the desired cell type.
About transfections I have just made a reply about it on another string.
Regards Caro



I do not agree with caro.
Transfection of siRNA is a very critical point and needs to be optimized for various cell types. I agree in this point.

But there are many things that might influence the outcome of a "knock-down" in different cells from the same species. These are for example:

1) different amounts of proteins that are needed for genertion of a knock-down (for example RISC-complex)
2) the amount of mRNA that is targeted seems to influence the efficiancy (!!) of a knock-down as well.

Although a certain "sequence" might work in many different human cell lines there is definitely no guarantee that it will work in another (I just made the experience!).

siRNA is not just about transfection.