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TA cloning with ABgene's extensor HiFi polymerase - (Apr/08/2005 )

Hi, all:

Am wondering if anyone had prior experience using this polymerase for TA cloning? Mainly, from their website, I couldn't tell if this enzyme mixture did contain polymerase capable of adding A to the 3' end of PCR products.

Following is the product info got from their website ( Many thanks in advance per usual!!

The Extensor Hi-Fidelity PCR Enzyme Mix is a blend of ABgene® Thermoprime Plus DNA Polymerase with a proprietary thermostable proofreading enzyme. The two enzymes act synergistically, forming a mix that can amplify DNA templates with at least double the yields and four times higher fidelity than standard Taq DNA polymerase. The system can also generate larger products than either enzyme individually (>20kb). This makes the enzyme mix ideal for the full-length amplification of sequences for cloning.

• Synergistic enzyme mix
• At least four times higher fidelity than standard Taq DNA polymerase
• Double the yields of standard Taq DNA polymerase
• Amplifies DNA templates >20kb

5 units/ul

•High fidelity PCR
•Long PCR
•PCR for cloning and mutagenesis


best thing to do is email their technical support team to find out!