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just woundering - can we talk about diseases (Apr/03/2005 )


i wa just woundering why no one in this form mentions specific

diseases ???

(i mean from those who use molecular techniques for diagnostic

procedures) i like this forum and i think the information everybody

is offering is very useful but i was wishing to share openions with others

who work in the molecular medical field (if that description fits smile.gif )


Dear Lula,

Ive worked as a technician in a clinical molecular lab. for 3 years and later as research scientist in a biotech company (where i designed some diagnostic PCRs). Later I came back to academia and now i am working in Cronic Lymphocitic Leukemia.
What do u want to discuss?



thanks for replying ,,,

im working on chronic myloid leukemia (among other dianostic procedures )

we are using RT- PCR protocol for detection of the philadelphia ch.

i wwas looking for alternatives for that protocol ,,,any suggestions ???

can i ask about your work in lymphoblastic leukemia ???

thanks alot smile.gif


Dear Lula,

There is a group here (in my country) that has a long history in diagnostics in CML...maybe i could bridge u with them.
On my part im working with a group that studies glycosyltransferases and Im applying this knowledge to the CLL model...using mostly Western Blot and RT-PCR (ill shortly try out Real Time-RT-PCR)...
Ive also done some work in bacterial meningitis, some P450 enzymes and a small Y STRs detection system...(all pretty amateur though!!!)
Nice to know there are other biomeds out there...



its nice to know abou biomeds for me to ... smile.gif

i have worked in leukemia ,,,Duchenne muscle destrophy ,,,.y chromosome

deletions ,

im about to work in breast cancer (i didnt prepare good readings for that

subject yet ) smile.gif