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cDNA synthesis - which transcriptase is better? - (Mar/31/2005 )

Hi everybody,
What is better - using M-MLV RT or Superscript? Why? rolleyes.gif


I recently drew the following conclusion after seeing a presentation where different RTs were compared:
Compare Reverse transcriptases, that work at different temperatures: 37, 45, 50C

100-fold difference in RT yield.
- depending on gene investigated
AMV always lowest yield (1-3%)
Superscript III often best, but not always (~90+ %)
MMLVH and MMLV good too (~50%)
many genes: 0 differences

can expect 28±29% yield in average

Do not remember if Superscript was on the list, but it comes from the same supplier as Superscript III, so it's probably in average not as good. - Since they botherd making a modified version.


Thanx a lot, I prove it : smile.gif