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human rTGFß for mouse cell culture applications? - (Mar/23/2005 )

Can I use human recombinant TGF-ß (R&D Systems) for experiments with murine cell lines?
It seems everyone does, but I could find any definite answer to this question so far...

I'm working with a murine Langerhans cells line and plan to test their production of and susceptibility to TGF-ß after various treatments.

If anyone has suggestions, hints or experiences ín this field, I'm thankful for any information of concern!


Recombinant mouse TGF-betas (-1, -2 or -3) are not commercially available apparently due to lack of luck in scale-up production. Fortunately, recombinant human TGF-b was shown to bind rodent receptor with high affinity. Be careful that growth factors (include TGF-cool.gif from couple of vendors in our hands showed inconsistency and unstable over time (very much like antibody, you need to shop around for a good one).....We found 2 very good in quality only difference in price -
from R&D Systems (TGF-b1 cat#240-B-002, 2ug for $245).
from Epoch Biolabs (TGF-b1 cat#21-00215, 5ug for $285, we used this one cause it's cheaper).
Good luck!