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Side effects due to transfection procedures - protein-level change after electroporation (Mar/22/2005 )

Hi everybody,

I have a question concerning transfection procedures:
I transiently transfected Raji cells by electropration and took a few samples for analysis in a western blot.
Surprisingly I noticed a strong decrease of a certain protein in comparison to non-transfected cells which I analysed on a western blot as well (the actin signals are equal).
I donīt really have an explanation for it: does anybody have an idea if this might be due to electroporation side effects, or are their any papers describing such things?

The vector codes for a shRNA: but the decrease of the protein can be detected as well as in my transfected control cells so I donīt think the effects are due to the used plasmids.

Thanks very much everybody and kind regards


Hi Bomber,

It is not surprising that after electroporation your cells will alter expression of some genes. Passing a large electric shock through them will result in a number of physiological changes. I haven't seen any papers on it, but it is something that must be remembered that a true control is not untransfected it is mock transfected cells.

Sorry I can't be more help