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sensitivity and staining specificity of sypro vs. proQ - (Mar/21/2005 )

there's been a recent discussion about the sensitivity and staining specificity of sypro vs. proQ here:
has anyone else has seen results like this?


One suggestion. Run 2 IEF gels with the same sample and them, cut them in the middle and load each half together ( pH 3-10 --> cut at ph 6.5 and them load side by side in the same sds-page gel pH 3-6.5 and in another gel pH 6.5-10). Try to leave a little space between each IEF gel. When you finish the second dimension run, cut the gel in the middle (just where you didn't have the IEF gels) and stain one half with sypro and the other half with proQ. It isn't as good as the DIGE system (where you can run and compare two samples in the same gel), but you will improve the reproducibility of the second dimension gel and it will help you to have a good conclusion. I HAVEN'T DONE IT BEFORE, SO I WOULD SUGGEST YOU TO RUN A "FIRST TIME" GEL AND SEE WHETHER IT WORKS. Good luck.