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Precipitating DNA at low RCF - Centrifugation (Mar/21/2005 )

HiYa Fellow BioForumers,

I need to collect plasmid DNA from a large-scale prep but don't have centrifuge tubes for doing > 10,000 rcf ohmy.gif

However, I do have access to a centrifuge and tubes capable of 3500 rcf.

My question: how long would I need to spin at 3500 rcf to collect my isopropanol precipitated DNA??

Any assistance would be appreciated smile.gif



Hi fellow Aussie,

I spin genomic preps with isopropanol at 3500rcf for 30 minutes. Seems to precipitate fine in my hands. I am sure this will extend to plasmid preps. If you are worried you can always add a co-precipitant such as glycogen to the plasmid prior to centrifugation.

all the best