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50% stock cultures - (Mar/21/2005 )

Hi! I normally use glycerol at a final concentration of 50% im my stock cultures (e. coli). i've seen some literature and there's a wide range of the concentration one can use!! anyone knows of any problems in using 50% glycerol concentration?

Thank you in advance


I have grown bugs from other peoples 50% glycerol stocks with no problem.

I standardly use 200 ul glycerol and 800 ul culture for my glycerol stocks and also have no problem.

Hope this helps.


In my lab we regularly use 15% glycerol, it's enough. Increasing the quantity of glycerol do not hurt though.
It is easier to pipet if you prepare a 30% glycerol stock solution in water and add this solution to your bacteria. It is even better if you add somme salts to keep the osmotic pressure OK (~0.8 g/l NaCl final, or 0.4 g/l Sodium phosphate final ).