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Express a vaccine protein - (Mar/21/2005 )

hi everyone:
The promblem i met was so urgent.
I have already construncted a vaccine ,and the yield of recombinant protein is more stable and considerable in a system i use.Now i intend to use another system to express this vaccine to evaluate its immunity.Upon literatures i plan to choose the salmonella typhimurium which has the balanced-lethal system to achieve my purpose.But i haven't done the salmonella typhimurium before,so i want someone to give some usful suggestion about it ,and the most important is who can provide it to me kindly.And if so ,other details can be negotiated .
Thanks for your help!:) smile.gif tongue.gif laugh.gif


Dear rdrun,

Please talk to these person: Prof. Dr. Thong Kwai Lin of University Malaya, Malaysia.
She is S. typhi expert in my country.

her email:

Good luck