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Utility of the K2HPO4 - (Mar/21/2005 )


I develops a protocol of extraction of extracellular proteins of the soil. In a protocol, I saw that one added K2PHO4 in this plug. With what the K2PHO4 is used and it compatible with Tris-HCl and the DTT is?
It does not denature proteins? sad.gif



QUOTE (Student54 @ Mar 21 2005, 04:03 AM)
With what the K2PHO4 is used

I believe that HPO4 should have buffering capacities



K2HPO4 (also KH2PO4) is used for buffering at pH around 7. It's better than other buffering agents simply because PO4 is a physiological agent while others (Tris, HEPES, etc.) are not.