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How to calculate the migration distance? - Gel Electrophoresis (Jun/06/2002 )

Hello All,

Could somebody please help me in calculating the migration distance of DNA fragments following the Agarose or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Provided the applied voltage, concentration of agarose, fragment length, duration of gel run and the gel length is known.

Thank you in advance.



For PAGE you run a standard of molecular weight markers on the %gel you'd like to use and measure the distance from the top of the gel to the bands.  Then plot the molecular weight (y-axis) versus distance migrated (x-axis) on semi log paper.  I assume you do the same thing for agarose gels


What I wanted to ask is, can I calculate the migration distance of a restriction digest on paper and not by performing the actual laboratory experiment?

I know what I wanted to do is unusual to this method forum.
This calculation of migration distance could be dependent upon the fragment length, ( I know this because I have the restiction map of the sequence to be digested assuming the enzymes used to restriciton digest the sequence will cut at all possible restriciton sites)  and on the agarose concentration in the gel.

Please do me a reply b/c,  now its hights of its need to resolve the matter.