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Best time for adding G418? - transfection and selecting (Mar/12/2005 )

hello everyone:
most protocol advice G418 was added 48h after transfection and some said 24h after transfection. I could see the obvious eGFP (the vector has eGFP gene) 12h after transfection. So, what is the best time to adding the G418?
thanks in advance.


usually i wait 48h to ad G418 in a transfection asssay
But when i make infections, 24h is ok (assuming your first infection is day 1 at about 10 and the G418addition is day 2 18...)

that is ok for me. But it's only my advice. Maybe someone else has a better protocol.



I usually add it 48 h after transfection, but I guess 24h should be as good.