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question on Northern blotting - (Mar/11/2005 )

Regarding Southern blotting, we can make the direct statement that all genes are present in all cells. With regard to Northern blotting what analogous statement could we make?
Is there anyone who can help me out to answer this question?


Hi! I think that could I help you...
The statement is quite simple if we think that in Southern blotting we work on genomic DNA while in Northern we work with messenger RNA.
Therefore, the presence of various transcripts depends entirely on the tissues that you analyse, because a gene could be transcript in a tissue and not in another one.

I hope that I help you!


assuming that all cells produce proteins, they all need the spliceosome. Hence, in many experiments regarding northern blotting an UsnRNA is tested as a control.
You can see this topic :



thx guys.